What you didn’t know about our production

What you didn’t know about our production

SunRite Farms consists of 55 hectares of roses that grow in different Ecuadorian farms at altitudes that vary between 2,600 and 2,900 meters above sea level.

This altitude and the special qualities of the light and the climate that our geographical location offers, guarantee the quality of our roses, recognized in the international market by their long stems, large buds and bright colors.

SunRite Farms not only owes the high quality of its more than 80 varieties of roses to this privileged geographical position. Since its founding, we had a solid technical foundation that is continually updated by researching and adopting new and better production systems, both technically and humanely, that is, ensuring the well-being of workers through the following departments of medium:

1. Research and Development Department:

In charge of the analysis and implementation of tests of new technologies, the department’s laboratories carry out soil analysis, phytopathology and exhaustive studies of the quality and life in vase of our roses.

2. Technical department:

Composed of a group of agronomists with a magnificent professional career who daily control the production, sowing, harvesting, classification and dispatch process, attending to every detail in the efficient performance of their functions and always aware of the need for their work to be fulfilled. With the mission of SunRite Farms: To produce and sell fresh roses in harmony with the environment, seeking the well-being of our workers and the loyalty of our customers through excellence in quality, service and profitability.

3. Human resources department:

Led by professional psychologists who are responsible for the individual and collective well-being of SunRite Farms staff, and for creating and strengthening education, health, and recreation programs.

All the aforementioned departments carry out their work within the limits of SunRite Farms’ firm and clear environmental protection policy, aware that the earth, its natural resources and all living beings are linked in a fragile and intimate relationship, which One’s actions, for better or worse, inevitably affect others, and it is the human being who must seek a healthy balance. This eco-friendly policy from SunRite Farms was recognized in 1996 with the award of the German Flower Label Program Certificate, an honor we maintain to this day.

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