Key team, key method

Key team, key method

SunRite’s sales and marketing department is dedicated to providing excellence in quality, service, and profitability. Our account executives monitor every step of the production process, allowing them to respond immediately to the special needs of our clients regarding their orders.

As part of our ongoing effort to further improve service and reliability, SunRite Farms is the first producer in the industry to put a date on every bouquet of roses. That’s right, our clients can order their roses with a date on each bouquet and be absolutely sure of its freshness. You can consult your account executive for roses with the RITE DATE SEAL with a 7-day vase life guarantee. The RITE DATE SEAL translates into more than 12 years of dedication and experience.

To ensure proper handling, the roses are delivered by our own refrigerated trucks to the refrigerators at the Quito airport, and our freight agents select the best route to get the product to our refrigerators in Miami in the shortest time possible, usually within 24 hours. Or if the customer wishes, they have the option of making their own transportation arrangements and we will deliver their order to their freight forwarder.

Since SunRite Farms inception, dedication to quality service has been the focal point of all of our efforts. Quality and service that know no shortcuts.

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