3 key points to guarantee quality

3 key points to guarantee quality

1. How do we guarantee the freshness and quality of our roses?

On the farm we have built water treatment plants, which allows us to access the best quality water to hydrate our roses. In addition, each of the stages to be fulfilled is detailed in our “Process Manuals” which allows us to map all the problems that may arise and give them a definitive solution, thus perfecting each of the procedures. Finally, we have full control of the cold chain until the product is placed on the truck.

2. How do we guarantee vase life once the roses have been delivered to our customers?

We carry out strict and controlled vase life simulations. These tests include: storage, shipping and vase life simulations under the most demanding conditions. These tests ensure that our client receives the most consistent rose available on the market.

3. Are all the roses harvested at the same cut point?

No, each variety of roses behaves differently. The cut-off point is the ‘regulator’ in the search for a good opening process, a better vase life and a good head size. Most people mistake a very open rose for a rotated one, which is not necessarily true; you can have a freshly picked rose with a substantially open cut point. The cut-off point is directly related to age. If, for example, you cut a rose very tight, you will have an immature rose, which will not hold and will end with a bent neck. Open cut points reduce the lifespan of the vase and can change the colors of the rose.

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