3 things you need to know about roses

3 things you need to know about roses

1. Do all colors open the same?

No, there are significant differences between each color and even within the same color. With this knowledge, you can order some varieties before an event, while others need to be ordered close to use. For example, lavenders tend to break open quickly, followed by yellow, some orange, and some bicolor. Tip: Did you know that a more perfumed rose tends to open faster?

2. Is there a difference in the size of the head?

Head size is primarily a variety factor. Some have buds of 6.5 cm or more and others are small. Also, the highlands of Ecuador tend to develop larger heads and have a better fixation color. It is important to clarify that the size of the head is not only a question of the size of the bud, but also of the diameter. A thick rose will appear large compared to a thinner one.

3. Do you recommend the use of water as food?

Yes, we highly recommend foods (mainly sugar) to get bacteria-free water at the consumer’s final vase level. We DO NOT recommend the use of any type of hydration before final use (florist or consumer), as this will tend to increase the opening and reduce the final useful life of the vase. Remember that it is very important to re-cut the stems, at least 1 inch before hydrating your roses.

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